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Octave & anatoLE                (Thursday)

Octave and Anatole is a collective of talented musicians gathered around a common musical aesthetic. Ten years ago, this duo of gypsy jazz guitarists wanted to pay homage to Django Reinhardt then little by little the repertoire and the collective widened, according to the musical meetings. Today, led by a couple of lindy hop dancers, Octave and Anatole have put together a nice repertoire of custom-made standards (Billy Holliday, Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee ...). In short, a fresh and generous quintet that revisits the great jazz standards of the 30s

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little fats & his band




Inventive stride, swing and blues pianist, Jean-Baptiste Franc created his own style by mixing melodic improvisation and  stride. A self-taught musician, he was helped by his father, Olivier Franc, and his influences are Don Lambert, James P. Johnson, Fats Waller and Sidney Bechet.


hot swing sextet



Hot swing sextet offers a trip back in time in the frenzied atmosphere of the jazz clubs of the 30s.
From Paris to Harlem, From Django Reinhardt to Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong through, Hot Swing Sextet organized for you, a trip « tailored » towards « Swing ».

Get on board with these six young musicians full of energy. « Swing, » « swaying » and good humor are on the menu of this great Journey through the « middle-jazz ».
Let the party begin with the Hot Swing Sextet !






At the pantheon of the Swing Era, Charlie Christian holds a special place. He was one of the most important guitarists in the history of jazz. It was discovered by John Hammond, the producer of Benny Goodman, who also discovered the great Count Basie! The Michel Pastre quintet paid tribute to him in 2015 with his "Charlie Christian Project" and won the Grand Prix du Jazz Classique awarded by the Hot Club de France. The series of tributes rendered by Michel Pastre continues with the release of his last album dedicated to the great Lionel Hampton at the end of 2017.
The orchestra present this April 1st is composed of David Blenkhorn (guitar) Patrick Bacqueville (trombone) Raphael Dever (double bass) François Laudet (drums) and of course Michel Pastre (tenor sax)



... .. Soul, Funk Rhythm and blues ... Whatever the musical style, Ludwig Nestor and his quartet transmitting you the Groove, the essence and source of Soul power evoked "The Godfather, James Brown". Ludwig Nestor, French singer and guitarist, cross the country and Europe with different formations (Gospel for 100 voices, Les Guetteurs ...). He has performed at the West Coast Swing French Open last May in Paris and Swing up The Backyard in 2016 and 2017 in Berlin.