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Duke McVouty - specialises in music from the 1920´s to the 1960´s. He prides himself on selecting only the best music from the vaults, from hot jazz to mambo, ska to boogie-woogie.
Vinyl is the format and they spin on the wheel of steel!

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Rija Ball is a swing lover from the Paris swing scene who used to travel around the world for dancing on swing music He learnt a lot by listening and watching his dj friends playing and who appreciate him for his sense of rhythm and musical tastes, that’s why he’s sometimes deejaying for swing parties of great events



Mindaugas is an international dance instructor, performer and a musician from Lithuania. He started dancing in 2006. Ever since, endless need of searching for new and old good swinging music built up not only himself as a dancer and teacher, but also as bandleader, scene leader  and of course - DJ. In 2008 he formed a traditional jazz dancer band “Rhythm Junkies” and in 2011 “Home Jazz Five” now known as “Home Jazz Band”. Inspired by dancing his bands have different jazz era’s sounds and specialises to play for dancers. Mindaugas has played with many swing and traditional jazz bands all around the world (Cassidy and the Orlean Kids, Gordon Webster, Smoking Time Jazz Band, Jumbo Shrimp Jazz Band, Aurora Nealand and The Royal Roses etc). And as a DJ he played in numerous festivals all around the world since 2007.