Charles Turner has choosen Jazz Roots for his new musical project. Three of the best jazz musicians from NYC are coming for this occasion. The others are specially choosen locally for matching with the Charles Turner Project.Paulo (Jazz Roots organizer) and Charles, has decided together to use this opportunity to make a live recording in Paris. “April in Paris” sounds so familiar to our community, let’s make this happen again in 2019!


Charles Turner & Uptown Swing

Live recording, LA BELLEVILLOISE

April in Paris


Charles Turner & Uptown Swing , bringing that Swing and Spirit of Harlem to dancers and music lovers around the world. Vibrant Swing , Virtuosic Bebop & Vital Blues, Uptown extends music from the swing era to present. Music played from the  1930’s to original tunes set to keep you dancing and that spirit lifted. Mr. Turner leading the band with the smoothness of Nat King Cole, that  power of Joe Williams , and dexterity of the Rudy Valle. Turner’s voice expresses every color and tone of swing from uptempo hot jazz to sentimental ballads, a diverse Pallet of music showcased  to ensure an incredible night of swing . Be prepared to feel free to express yourself fully , as that band blows and billows. Charles Turner & Uptown Swing is a  communal experience, dance and music come together as one to create that unforgettable night and long lasting memories under the spirit of swing . Bring that  swag because swag is swing and swing is swag! And remember “ It Don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got “ THAT” Swing!!!!


Charles Turner and uptown Swing!