« Janne pushes the « swing » button on the dancing crowd, giving 20% more Lindy Shock and 30% more Smokey Feet, all from the press of a button. When it’s time for hard-driving swing, he drops the song on his attentive audience, and says, »BAM ». When the bosses needs a DJ to bring the swing, they call him. No questions. » – Shorty George Building an atmosphere, giving content to the dance floor and at the same time keep it swinging, thatís what Janne aims for. Janne has refined this skill at many of the well known camps and dance floors in Europe (Lindy Shock, Ljubljana, Vilnius, Herr‰ng, Istanbul, Berlin, BarcelonaÖ), in Canada (Montreal) as well as in his hometown: Gothenburg, Sweden.


Rija Ball

Rija Ball is a swing lover from the Paris swing scene who used to travel around the world for dancing on swing music He learnt a lot by listening and watching his dj friends playing and who appreciate him for his sense of rhythm and musical tastes, that’s why he’s sometimes deejaying for swing parties of great events



Flow discovers lindy hop in 2005. Rocked by jazz since her early childhood, she is immediately seduced by the infinite universe of swing and begins to build a collection: Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Sidney Bechet but also Roy Eldridge, Charlie Barnet and so many others …! It quickly becomes a passion and the desire to share becomes a necessity. Regular DJ in Rennes for 3 years, she also plays for festivals (Crep ‘Swing, Frenchie Balboa Festival, BOTP, Swingin’ Paris). 2016 marks a turning point. She plays twice in Los Angeles: at California Balboa Classic, which has established itself as a reference in Balboa, and at Camp Hollywood, mythical festival if ever! In parallel, she ensures the atmosphere all night long during the first 5 Nuits Swing in Paris. A rising figure among the DJs, she keeps constant concern to adapt to the atmosphere of the evening as well as to the level of the dancers while constantly renewing. What is most important to her: to bring back to the taste of the day the blessed period of the Swing Era! Her motto : « Get Rhythm in Your Feet and Music in Your Soul ! » (B. Goodman) Fan page : https://www.facebook.com/swingdjflow/